OMG and now you’re having to tolerate my gushing again.  So Sorry!  But I love this magazine almost better than fresh black-eyed peas over mashed potatoes with ketchup. Seriously!  Try it sometime! (Heinz ketchup only, fyi) 

And in order to realize my new life goal of having a copy of this exquisite tome arrive at my house every other month for the rest of my life, I must share it with you. 

You can click on the cover above to go to their website and get a nifty taste of the pure reading joy they offer.  And, of course, if you’d like to move on over to the Subscribe or even the Give A Gift link, so much the better.

I do have a bone to pick with them this month.  My college writing professor (a man who still haunts the occasional nightmare), is featured.  I knew him for two excrutiatingly long semesters some years back at the University of Alabama as a professor (OH!  YOU MUST TAKE HIS COURSES!  HE’S “PUBLISHED”, AND HE HAS AN AWARD!),  and still remember him to this day as the one person responsible for my not pursuing the dream of being a journalist.  (OK, him and my low, teen-aged-girl self-esteem). 

He’s referenced as the William Faulkner of the New South.  You make your own decisions.  I’m pretty secure in mine.

That aside, please read and eat every single thing in the food section.  Enjoy the exquisite photography and the smoky Southern prose.  And subscribe, if you’re so inclined.  It is truly a joyous thing to hold in your hands.

Celebrating Garden & Gun magazine again.  I hope you share the love!

And please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!   (in spite of your college writing professor…)