I do feel the need to post this disclaimer first:  I have no professional nor lay experience as a pollster.  I’ll be interested to see the responses to these questions, which were scientifically developed on a whim (ok, non-scientifically developed), and this post may disappear within an hour or two – because I’m pretty sure nobody is going to read this! 

 Tah dah!

Now, for our empirical introduction to personal polling, compliments of WordPress.com, we begin…

Perhaps ideally, or not, it is generally understood that a candidate for President of the United States of America should possess certain characteristics of high moral character, extreme brilliance, personal and professional tenacity, a good college education, and the ability to kiss multiple babies of all races, creeds and nationalities on camera without appearing gratuitious.

By virtue of the same fact, it is generally understood that the selected candidate for Vice President of the United States of America should possess the very said same characteristics, as they stand on the tippy-toe brink of becoming President by any serendipitous swipe of the Hand of Fate.  Seriously!

So, given these two givens, and wanting to remain completely on the fence post as to my own political leanings, I present my polls…



Thank you for humoring me. 

Celebrating the new WordPress.com Poll option for humble bloggers such as myself.  I almost feel important and omnipotent now!

But more importantly, today we celebrate the right to vote, to take polls, to ask questions as they come to mind – without filter imposed by ideological, oppressive governments nor dictatorships – and the right to be free.  Bless this Country and its citizens as they prepare to elect the new leadership.

And seriously, don’t you think Sarah Palin is a completely gratuitous choice for Vice President?  My husband thinks the same of Joe Biden.  What do you think?