While traveling back home to Alabama (yes, I’m a native, and no, I’m not married to my first, second or third cousin, thank you very much), I was gently reminded by a huge billboard about a special, special place down in the southern part of the state that I need to share with you.

I remember when these guys first got started, and the only way you could enjoy their delightful home made treats was to drive down to Fort Deposit, Alabama and take a right off the only exit from the Interstate.

Oh my these pecans are good – every single type they make.  My personal preference are the praline ones, but you’d be hard-pressed to keep me from gobbling up a handfull of any of ’em!

And Eau De Pies!  But you can’t stuff those in favor boxes, so back to the pecans…

If you’re looking for something beyond the standard, teeth cracking, Jordan Almonds to put in your favor boxes, order a sample assortment from these folks and I promise you will be ordering them for your own favor boxes.  Oh So Yum!

Click the pic below for a link to their wonderful website – Priester’s Pecans!  Still alive and kicking and turning out FABULOUS pecan treats, and perfect fillers for your Favor Boxes!

Celebrating Down Home Alabama folks who still do things right.  Home grown and Made in the USA.  Hey!  Tell ’em you heard about them from me!  You won’t get a discount or anything, but I’m sure you’ll make a new friend!

Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!