My best friend from egg-stage, Kay, started dating her husband in high school, ditched him numerous times during the course of about 6 years, and they even attended different colleges all the way through graduation.

Still, eventually, they wandered back to each other, culminating in what We (her other friends from egg-stage included ) knew was an inevitable marriage proposal.

Her husband is a life-long, shotgun-shell-loading, ATV-owning, camoflauge-wearing, dyed-in-the- wool Hunter.

Dove season?  He’s there.  Bambi hunting?  First in line.  Teeny tiny quail?  Get out of his way! Turkeys?  A whole ‘nuther round of shooting fun.  Off season?  Well, brush has to be cleared at the hunting club, ya know. . .

Which brings me to how she planned their wedding.

Timing, as we all know, is of the essence.  Some people plan a spring wedding, when the flowers are just breaking through in all their glory.  Summer’s good for some (actually a bunch), Fall Weddings bring wonderful colors for crisp ceremonial settings, and Winter Wedding Sparkle appeals to the rest of us.

Kay’s problem was timing in the worst possible way.  Her future husband’s hunting obsession was equal to, if not as important as, his love of

(personal note – yuck)

So Kay was left with few options. But being clever and determined, as well as head-over-heels in love, she picked the most perfect time possible – the one single solitary weekend in late November when there was nary a game nor legal hunting season to be found, but just exactly timed for two days prior to the opening of Partridge Hunting Season in Iowa (more on this later).

It was a glorious wedding!  Many tasteful teas with silver and roses, wonderful rounds of luncheons, kitchen showers, stock the bar parties and the like led up to The Big Day.  Kay, being Kay, had been planning this one moment in her head since the age of 4, and it came off without a hitch!  The bridesmaids (of which I was one of 12), were glorious in Teal.

The accent color revolved around a Sonja Rose

The reception featured all the tiered silver and candelabra and elegant serving platters, surrounding the biggest most amazing cream cheese sculpture of a partridge ever to exist in the history of mankind.  Ever!

Nested amidst a glorious swirl of assorted gourmet crackers and toast rounds, this bird was magnificent!  Of course, as the gaiety grew, compliments of an open bar with an endless supply of Jack Daniels (black label only), the guests snacked uponst the bird. His magnificence did dwindle down a bit during the course of the evening (being a hunter-infested audience, of course they tackled the head first – kinda of macabre if you were sober enough to notice).

No, not the groom’s cake but a pretty good one for the theme, don’t cha think?

Which leads me to the honeymoon.  The very next morning after the Big Wedding Day, Kay, her newly- wed husband, and 6 of his very bestest hunting buddies jetted off to Iowa, where they all spent the next week scouting and shooting partridge in the wilds.  They all bunked (seriously, bunked) in a big, one-room hunting lodge in the wide open vistas of Iowa.

No, Kay’s not a Hunter.  She was industrious enough, though, to make fast friends with the owner of the hunting lodge, who spent quality time teaching her how to clean, dress, and cook pheasant. She also helped the nice lady work on her quilt, and shop at the local grocery store.

She’s a far, far better woman than I. Far.

So that’s my definition of True Love and I’m telling you to this very day, they’re still married.

Which brings me to a fun wedding venue thought – Hunting Weddings!

Did you know there’s a woman in Arizona who will camo-customize your wedding dress, or create just a camo-touch for your wedding veil?  Camo-bridesmaids dresses, too!

Check it out here.  There are all sorts of possibilities and it looks like she’s willing to work with you to get just the right touches for your perfect day!

Need accessories for your hunter-themed reception?  Cups, plates, napkins, tablecloth?  Looky here!  They’ve got it all!

A topper for your wedding cake?  Yep – it’s out there!  Click the pic for the link.

Wedding Cake Topper - Camo Turkey Hunting Funny Hunter Themed

Games for your bachelorette party?  Chocolate Roulette!  (WARNING:  Try at your own risk) Click the pic.

Wedding invitations?  (is this not amazing?)

You can find camo garters, camo guest books, ring bearer pillows, flower girl baskets – the possibilities are endless!

Oak Camo Flower Girl Basket

And the food!  Venison steaks, venison sausage, quail and their cute little eggs, and there’s a really, really good partridge recipe with an orange glaze.  I’ll have to ask Kay for the recipe.  Will get back to you on that.  Serve them on hunting themed platters …

And of course, I have a wedding favor suggestion (or ten)…

Celebrating the Hunting Life and Weddings today!

Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!