Remember a while back when I posted the whole travel saga of the destination wedding at Seaside Beach, Florida?  Well, at that time I didn’t have any pictures to share of the ceremony, but I do now!  You know how I love to share…

You can go back a few pages if you’re a new reader and see the whole trip down, preparation time, rehearsal dinner pics, and other assorted goodies from the wedding – but here’s another photo of the beautiful wedding site at Eden State Park, pre-ceremony.


OK, here’s another one – this place was so seriously beautiful!


The “official” pictures from the wedding are in – and the bride and groom have graciously agreed to let me share a few of them with you, so please enjoy!

  The flowergirl was precious!  Notice she’s barefoot – a very southern tradition.

  A little detail on on her head dress.  The whole wedding setting was all about the natural beauty of the surroundings (as you’ll see).


  A simple but beautifully classic string trio provided the music.

  These lovely little vases marked each end of a row of seats.

 The mothers of the pair carried simple, classic tussie mussies.

  I thought it was neat how they lined the sides of the aisles with rose petals, making a sweet fragrance as guests stepped through them to their seats.

  And of course, they all lived happily everly afterly!

The favor of choice for the wedding reception?  ( I know you’re wondering)

Celebrating good memories of a beautiful destination wedding today! 

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!