Seriously!  A few words of praise, a teeny bit of some kind of recognition, however minute, and I’m ready to bear your children.  Want to create family of five stair-step children?  I’m your girl!

If I ever had any journalistic integrity, I know that I probably just lost it with that admission, but as you probably expect, this is leading up to Something…

I got a comment in my inbox today that left me laughing seriously hard.  Then I got happy for a minute or two, then I decided to do research and, well, I’m still kinda happy, what with being a cheap date and all.  I’m going to share it with you because I see that they are an Internet Start Up, and having worked with a few of those, I know how hard it is to Start Up a Start Up.  So there are mixed emotions here – Empathy and Happythy. 

Plus, they buttered me up with a dash of praise, which is not at all deserved – but by cracky I’m ready for the toaster, what with this butter-up riding on the tails of The Mighty Crimson Tide ranking #2 in the polls this week (god bless the polls).  So rather than banishing this nice but slightly demented writer to the Comments Netherland of my humble little blog, I’ll just post the darned thing here.

Disclaimer Alert:  Names changed to protect the innocent.  My comments posted in italics

Hi Laura,

I work for an internet startup, the company that runs, somethingcom, and somethingsearch (some pretty heavy hitters here). My team knows that blogs/sites like yours attract serious followings, which is why we’re interested in them.   (Moi?  Are u shure?)

After scouring the Internet and researching hundreds of Web sites, I have determined that Everyday Celebrations is clearly a go-to Blog. (I probably need to send them a coupon for new scouring pads but read on!) We think fans of your site might also enjoy the site we just launched ( because there is a section devoted to celebrations, which features articles like Hauntingly fun Halloween Parties ( and videos about Halloween Party Planning (

If you think your readers might be interested, it would be great if you could cover us in a future post. (TOLD you I was a cheap date) 

We know fans of your site may like our stuff, but you’re probably wondering what’s in it for you? (not really because I’m trying so hard not to wet myself laughing right now)

Glad you asked. There are two things:

1. If you provide a link to us, we’d provide a link to your site/blog from our blog. ( (this I can do)

2.We can publish your work as a writer on our site (that’s paid work) if you are interested, or have posters that are interested. (see my comments at the end, please)

Please feel free to contact me with questions.

Kinda giggly, no?  It’s probably a form letter, but ya know, it’s still a warm-fuzzy form letter so Kudos to the writer!  

Here’s you’re favor!

I did check out the site.  They are just getting up and running, but there is some good info there.  Plus, they are actively soliciting writers.  So if you’re interested, go to and check out the Celebrations section.  Let me know what you think if you’re so inclined. 

Becuz I love comments, and I’m a cheap date.

Celebrating warm, fuzzy form letters and Internet start-ups today!  Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!

OH! and PS –, you are now on my official “love list”.  How many children were you thinking?