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I immediately associate place card holders with frozen grapes and San Diego.  The Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, to be specific and if you’ve never been, go.  Here’s the website link and let me tell you, it’s every bit as lovely as it looks in the pictures.

The frozen grapes?  Well, the first time I ever attended a function where I actually sat in a chair specifically dedicated to “MOI” was at the Hotel Del, and I was greeted not only with my name beautifully calligraphed on a place card sitting center-plate at “my” chair, but also by a tall, lovely wine goblet holding a cluster of frozen grapes that had been rolled in an unusual sugar and frozen.  Those silly grapes had been defrosted just enough to keep from cracking teeth, and were very simply beautifully presented, and awful tasting.

Moral of this story – skip the frozen grapes as an opening “salad” for your wedding reception or dinner party.  They look nice but, unless you’re looking for a sophisticated projectile to launch a food fight as part of the entertainment, not worth the expense or the trouble.  Trust me on this one. (However, if you are like my children and expressly go out of your way to do exactly what I advised you not to do, here’s the link for the recipe but remember, you’ve been warned…

Our subject is place cards today and not frozen grapes so if you want to make your wedding party or dinner party guests feel extra special, plug in a place card with their name.  There are a lot to choose from, from the classic to the clever – and probably one to meet every situation you could possibly think of.


Place card holders are useful, too, in setting the mood for your gathering – kind of a chic, Machiavellian way of manipulating the conversation flow so everyone gets to mix and mingle.  You can separate couples, or even make new couples if that’s what you’re looking to do.  Put Mr. Wallace at Table 6 next to your boss who works in a similar industry, and his wife LouEllen at Table 9 next to your widowed grandmother and watch how people magically begin to share experiences and make new friends!  Study your seating chart carefully, though, or you may end up watching the frozen grapes fly through the air if you match up the wrong people.

For a wedding reception, these are nice because they act as both a place card holder and a tiny little favor box!


Slip some color-coordinated M&Ms or a few exquisite Jordan Almonds into each box for a special surpise treat!


I personally love the “classics”, simple, exquisitely detailed silver treasures that you can use over and over again.  The Pineapple is a timeless symbol of “welcome, the Teapot is great for bridal shower teas or luncheons, and the Heart – well, we always Love Our Guests!


Heading to the beach for your honeymoon?  Getting married at the beach?  Do you have a life time full of beach memories to share?  These beach themed place card holders set the mood!

Do you have a special hobby or interest?   Like…



Antique cars?          

Cruise fanatic?         

(I am a HUGE fan of place card holders that double as party favors!)

Do you “Go Green?”   

(these are plantables, made from recycled paper, by the way)

OK, you KNOW  I can go on and on but I’ll spare you and stop here.  Click the pics if you see anything you like and remember my sage advice – study that seating chart HARD before you go mixing and matching or…..

You’ve been warned – LOL!

Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!