Some days it’s just hard to figure out what to blog.  I’ve had soooo many comments about my posts for Wedding Welcome Bags for Out of Town Guests.  My top posts to date have been about what appears to be a HUGE question – what to put in a Favor Box.  And then there are those forward- thinking folk looking ahead to Winter Weddings and needing some ideas.  So I’ll try to satisfy everyone mentioned above with Winter Wedding Welcome Bags and Baskets plus Favor Settings for your Winter Wedding Reception! Whoa – what am I setting myself up for here?

First, let’s welcome your out of town wedding guests with a Happi Bag or Basket.  I’ll feature bags today for simplicity, but you can do the same things with a basket.

Here’s our focal favor for the bag:

Cute, useful, nice quality (feels good in your hand), not expensive and already tagged with “For You”. 

Hit the craft stores for your basic supplies:

  • Dark Blue small shopping bag-type Bags
  • White Craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Silver colored ribbon
  • Hole punch in a winter-themed shape
  • White Paint Pens
  • White tissue paper (if you can find some with sparkles in it, all the better!)

Next hit the grocery store for the basics

  • Bottled water
  • Individually packaged snack crackers
  • Aspirin
  • Assorted granola bars
  • Breath Mints

Now – the theme for this Welcome Bag is

Lay your bag out on a flat surface and smooth it down so you can easily write on it.  Use your white Paint Pen to Print a simple “Welcome!” on the front center of the bag. 

Take your winter themed hole punch (I found this one on the internet)..

and punch a few snowflakes out around the top of the bag – symmetry unnecessary (unless you just like it).  When you fill the bag with white tissue, the effect will be quite nice because your little punches will appear to be white from the outside!

Now, cut a 2″ x 4″ rectangle from your nice white craft paper and, in your own handwriting, say “We are so happy you are joining us for our special day!”  and sign both of your first names – “Cindy and Tony” (or Brad and Angelina or whatever, you get it).  Punch a winter-themed hole in the upper left hand corner of this card, thread with the silver ribbon, and tie it to one handle of the bag (right where the handle meets the paper).  You’re on your way!

Line the bag with two or three full sheets of white tissue paper, leaving plenty sticking out of the top for that poofy effect.  Wrap one sheet of tissue around each of your bag “fillings” and tuck inside the bag.  Add your wedding schedule and a map of the city (either purchased or one you made yourself on the computer).  Voila!  If it doesn’t look poofy enough for you, take one (or more if needed) piece of tissue, fold gently into quarters and at the tip of the quarter where all pieces are “one”, twist a bit.  Fluff the loose top pieces, then tuck the twisted end down into the bag for extra poof. Presentation is Everything!

Oh, these are such super cute Favor Boxes and they’re brand new! 🙂  Place one center plate at each setting and fill with any of the ideas I’ve listed below the pic…


  • Jordan Almonds – and did you know you could get silver ones? 

  click the pic to order



The Big TakeAway – You’re going to LOVE this one!

Christmas Ornament Place Card holders!  Yes, I KNOW.  They will hang on a holiday tree every year and be a truly memorable winter wedding favor or BETTER YET – they can grace holiday decorations by holding a “Santa” photo or a favorite holiday card! 

 Set them atop a little sprinkle of artificial snow at every place setting for instantaneous oooooh’s and aaaaaah’s.  What a super great idea, no?

So today we celebrated Winter Weddings, Winter Wedding Welcome Bags and Winter Wedding Favors.  Brrrr……I’m feeling a bit chilly!  😉

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!