Some things you just can’t make up.  Matter of fact, some things you just wouldn’t want to make up, but little Jamie Lynn New-Mama Spears’ camp made real sure that the press knew that she sent Bristol Palin a baby gift.  This is beyond tacky.

And here’s what blows my mind a bit more, she spent big bucks to send along Burp Cloths!  Here’s the formula (as I see it):

High-Profile, Unmarried Teenaged Mama (Spears) + High-Profile Baby Store (Petite Tresor whose motto must be “Charging Big Bucks to Celebrities Nothing Special since 19whatever”) = Guaranteed Media Coverage

Amazing.  Simply amazing.

Here’s my question – why didn’t Jamie Lynn (or her Mama or whoever pulled this off) order something really nice and clever and unique for a Baby Gift and get something really cuddly-wonderful for their money?  Like any of these…

Oh – because these folks won’t pass along the info to the media.  Click the pic if you like what you see.  These are unique baby gifts that make a mighty impressive show when they arrive at the new mom’s doorstep.  These are Celebrity Baby Gifts that anyone will love!

By the way, did you see what the website had to say about the Palin Baby Daddy?  I’ll quote them here – it’s creepy funny!

“Has anyone noticed how similar Casey and Levi are? Switch the four-wheeler with a snowmobile, and they’re the same dude. ”

Celebrating Teen Aged Pregnancy Pals today.  Don’t know why – guess it just struck me as a bit tawdry?

Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!  Yep, even the tawdry stuff.