I refuse to get political on this blog.  This blog is about celebrations – little bitty everyday ones that make life a little sweeter.

HOWEVER, apparently sometimes politics and my blog collide, much to my consternation.  So now it looks like we’re going to have to throw a baby shower for Miss 5-months-pregnant Bristol Palin, daughter of the gun-toting, pro-lifen, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Governor of the great state of Alaska.

Yes, Miss 17-year-old Palin has gone and gotten herself in the baby-way.  And since Mama’s a big anti-abortion type, well, there you go!  No rebel child there, nossir!

I do have to stop and wonder, though.  While our fine Republican head hunters were out beating the bushes (accidental pun) for a one-up-the-democrats VP candidate, did they think to review the sex life of the potential candidate’s children?  Personally I’ll enjoy the spin on this one.

Nonetheless, every baby that comes into this world is a potential, a blessing, and deserves parties and presents, no matter how they came about.

SO, I think we’ll throw something low key here, since the wedding and the baby showers are going to pop up in rapid succession.

Incidentally, if the 5-months-pregnant Bristol Palin is so blessedly happy about her baby and her upcoming wedding, why haven’t they already gotten married?  Oh, make me stop thinking here and just throw the durned shower…

Maybe they’re not married yet because they’re planning a great big Alaskan hoedown kinda wedding?

Phew!  Just slapped my own hand.  Moving forward…

Let’s send a few, low key invites to immediate family and very close friends only.  Understated is good here. 

Since we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, I chose multiple pastels as the theme.

Now, food!  I’m thinking a nice, apple cider punch, cheese straws, finger sandwiches, and peanut butter balls – you know – the kind you dip in chocolate?  Yum!

And Baby Shower Favors!  Baby Palin deserves something nice, so let’s use these…

Bun in the Oven!  Get it?  It’s so cute!  And the little cinnamon bun candle smells quite delicious!  Very clever for a baby shower favor, no?

And of course we’ll want to load little Bristol up with some nice gifts, what with her high-profile Mom (who may – who knows – become Vice President.  It’s always good to curry favor with these types).

So, may I suggest three extra-special, Upscale Baby Gifts (which, I might add, can be ordered and sent from the Internet, if you’re currying long-distance favors)… 


A precious layette set in a tower of keepsake boxes. (click the pic for the link)

A Snuggly Ducky set in soft, cashmere-like yellow.


A safari gift set with a bunch of cute gifts inside!

Well, that about does it, don’t you think?

But seriously, I have all due respect for Mr. McCain.  He’s served his country well.  But this Palin woman – she’s already at public odds with her brother in law, and now this?  I’m glad I wasn’t on the review committee.  Wonder how fast they’re back pedaling?

Celebrating babies today, no matter how they g0t here.  They all deserve a good chance at life.

Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday – even if you just don’t get it…