Just a quick drive-by to share a little fun with you.  I’ll have some extra time this weekend, so I plan to work on another favor box idea post and add a bit to the wedding welcome bag ideas (so many ideas – so little time!).

Another wonderful thing about living where I do is the amazing amount of Hot Air Balloon traffic. I so missed them when we lived in Charlotte – not a hot air balloon to be found in that place! Do you have this problem, too? 

This particular traffic pattern finds me dangling out the car window on the way to work in the morning, camera phone at ready, trying to capture these beautiful orbs of frolic to share with you.  But my best effort so far is displayed at the beginning of this post.  Stupid camera phone.  Wonder if I can buy a zoom attachment?  Hmm…

And I do mean heavy Balloon traffic!  I walked out in the yard one day – pre Charlotte – to water a few plants and stood transfixed while the ReMax balloon passed through our neighborhood – not above, through.  Something about the weather conditions caused them to abort their standard flight pattern and navigate the curving roads of Longlake about 3 feet above the asphalt!  (thank you baby jesus for underground power lines – amen)  They made it down to the clubhouse where there was a nice expanse of grass, and then settled down to wait for their escort van to arrive.

Seriously!  I’ve had them almost land on my car and beat me to my destination on more than one occasion – I just love these things!

So last night, imagine my absolute Lucky Duck surprise to drive up to the entrance of my kooky little subdivision (we call it The Commune – more on that some day) and see this going on in front of Atkins Park (a lovely little restaurant).  Yahoo!  Tether rides!  They do it once a week, and for 5 bucks a person, donated to rotating charities, you get a taste of The Ballooning Life!  Pretty cool, no?  Of course we stopped (“we” being the Baby Girl and me).

 These Balloon guys are so darned enthusiastic!  They give you all the details about the how-to’s and why-for’s.  And – even though they are quite mature, grown men, they almost giggle when they share their love of this really cool hobby.  It didn’t even take a minute for me to pop Baby Girl into the basket (it’s ok, she thinks I’m nuts anyway so what tha heck!).

One guy grabbed my phone and started instructing the “pilot” on when to release the flames, so he could capture the “glow” in all it’s glory.  That’s Baby Girl in the basket.

So – Celebrating Hot Air Balloons today (and every day, actually – ain’t it fun?).  Thank you guys for sharing your fun with us – here’s a little token of our appreciation!


Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!

OH!  PS!!!  I got my first Garden and Gun today.  Man I love that magazine!  The husband is a bit perplexed – he can’t figure out if I’m reading it for the Garden or the Gun.  He doesn’t get it.  Or maybe he’s afraid to?

Nonetheless – check out this magazine, please.  I want a life-time subscription and I’m going to need all of you to subscribe if I’m going to make my wish come true!  😉