It’s still in the 80’s here in North Georgia, but we know all you Winter Brides-To-Be, Mothers of Winter Brides, and Friends of Winter Brides are all thinking about those upcoming Winter Weddings, so we’re thinking right along with you!

Everybody gets married in the Spring and Summer, or so it seems.  But Winter Weddings are perfectly, snowflake wonderful and present a marvelously creative opportunity to provide your guests with just the right thoughtful little thank-you for your special invited guests. 

But you want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere at your reception, right?

A tiny and very, very clever little coffee candle at center plate is a sweet touch of thoughtfulness that is sure to elicit a “ooooh, precious!” from everyone there!  So tiny and exquisitely crafted, and be sure to add a personalized tag with your names and the big date to mark the occasion.

Elegantly presented in an acrylic gift box with a sheer organdy giftwrap bow and a thank you tag, these crystal snowflake coasters will follow your guests home and make themselves quite useful for years to come!  And each time they make an appearance, they bring back memories of your extraordinary wedding day!

Make a impressive impact with these winter-themed wedding favors!  Slip your engagement photo into the top coaster in this two coaster, elegantly gift-packaged Snowfall coasters, slip the sheer, organdy ribbon back into place (its easy to do!), and nestle them center-plate at your winter wedding reception as a truly memorable wedding favor!

I don’t know about where you live, but around here we wish for a beautiful snowy day now and then.  Sometimes we get lucky,  but mostly we do not – so how about making your own “going away” snow!  And better yet – it’s a biodegradable, eco-friendly favor!  Have your wedding helpers pass out these cute little popper favors as you and your brand new husband get ready to head out the door to your honeymoon – then dash to the car under a canopy of celebratory “snow” on your way your special destination.

What a better way to keep your wedding day in the hearts and minds of your loved ones? 

Use these sparkling snowflake ornaments as a place card holder at every setting (don’t worry, they have a little easel on the back) – but slip an engagement photo behind the place card for an ornament that may very well find itself sharing your moment of joy on a holiday tree, every year, with guaranteed warm memories radiating from every sparkly!  “Oh how precious!  Who is this beautiful couple?” will be the conversation starter, and your guest will share your special memories with another during a very special time of year.

*or try this – send your thank you in a holiday card, with the photo to be placed in the ornament tucked inside!


Set a miniature wine bottle at every place for your guests to enjoy during your reception dinner, and right next to it make sure this glitteringly-useful snowflake bottle stopper sits right next to it, sporting a perky, organza bow and special gift tag!  Take the extra minute to sign your new names inside, and send your guests home with a precious little memory they will use for years to come!

So there, I’ve done it!  Just a few ideas to get your Winter Wedding Wittiness churning, I hope! As the air gets chillier, I’ll be including more ideas for Winter Wedding Bridal Showers, Winter Wedding Welcome Bags Baskets, and Winter Wedding Menu ideas.  Let me get through Fall first – then I’m Winter Writing!

Celebrating forward-thinking Winter Brides and Mothers of Winter Brides who are getting ready in advance!

Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!