This one’s cool – and pretty simple actually.  The inspiration came last night when I was watching one of those wedding shows (or something along those lines).  I left the husband downstairs in Olympic HD Heaven and was doing a little channel surfing upstairs.

A Particular Bride was working on what looked to be 200 Welcome Bags for her wedding, right by herself!  She so didn’t need that stress – and there were a billion little pieces of things she was loading into those bags – carefully, perfectly, and a little insanely, if you ask me.

So let’s go with this idea for fun – “Meant to Bee” is the theme and it will work in any setting, for any venue, any location.

This is a Honey of a Wedding Welcome Bag, and if you don’t understand why – here’s a Honey of a Definition for you…..”Honey:  A sweet fluid produced by Honey Bees from the Nectar of Flowers.” 

If that doesn’t smack you up side the head with love, then I’m speechless for you.

Here we go!

Head out to your local Michaels.  Here’s the handy store locator link:   (click the pic)

Buy small, plain yellow shopping bags (the kind that’s a bit bigger than a standard lunch bag) – they’re cheap!  If you’re really sassy and you need a whole bunch, locate the store manager and bargain for a big lot purchase discount!  Tah Dah!  Then they’re even cheaper.  This won’t work on an order of 20.  But it might for an order of 100 or more.  It also depends on the manager’s mood.

Next purchase some combination of the following (which also depends on your mood):

Natural-colored raffia, or a bag of yellow and a bag of black raffia

White tissue paper (for that fluffy effect)

Black, white, pink construction paper, or black, white and pink paint pens

Bee stickers (if you can’t find ’em, ask the manager – they’re in there somewhere)

Good start!  Next shopping list…as told in pictures…..

Or if you want to add a little Local Flavor, go to this nifty link and find a honey producer near you (click the pic)…

   (These are very clever bee peeps!)

Here’s Your Task List

Make one Master Bag in advance like so:

Either paint-pen up a bee on the front of the bag with the black and white paint pens (some pics for inspiration are at the end of this article), or make some out of construction paper or use bee stickers.  Scatter a very few (say, three) pink paint pen hearts (or construction paper ones or stickers) around for more color punch.  If you’re doing faces, make sure those bees are smilin’ Big Time! You know what they say – Welcome Bees are Happi Bees!  (ok, I made that up)

Wrap the Honey Pot in white tissue paper (messy is ok) and tie it up with a few strands of the raffia.  Wrap the Honey the same way.  Line the bag in tissue (make sure some sticks out the top of the bag for effect) and nestle the Honeypot and Honey inside.  Add your wedding schedule and any directions or maps to the mixture.   

Cut a rectangle from the white construction paper (or buy some blank business cards from your local office supply) and write “Meant to Bee” on it.  Grab a hole punch, punch a hole in one corner.  String either 9 strands of natural raffia or a combo of the yellow and black through the hole and tie it up in a big ‘ole sloppy bow on one handle right where it connects to the bag and voila!  You’re good.

Let’s Party!

Set yourself and your friends down in a place with lots of space (the floor will do just fine).  Organize your supplies appropriately: assign some people to make the bees, some to wrap the Honey and the Honey Pot, some to make the tags and string the raffia, and pick out your tissue paper specialist for lining the bags and then READY – SET – GO!

2 Cute, no?

The menu for this function – Finger Food Frenzy!

Nothing too gloppy, by the way – you’ll be using your hands and the last thing you want is a dollop of mayonnaise highlighting your Happi Bees!

As we all know – the key to successful Finger Food Frenzy is “Something Sweet/Something Savory”.


Depending on how many people you’re inviting, buy or rent either two really tall tiered food holder thingies, or you can find multi-tiered plate stands around and about.  One tower is for sweet, one for savory.

Buy a ton of pastry shells (pepperidge farms makes nice ones) or make your own out of canned biscuit dough pressed thinly into miniature muffin tins and pre-cooked.  For sweet items, if you’d like, knead a touch of cinnamon and sugar into the dough before pressing, or finely chopped pecans (very finely) and a touch of sugar or – yep – honey.  It just depends on how dedicated you are to this cooking project.

Pre-bake your shells in advance and store in a tight container (to keep the moisture out) until ready.

Now make up some fillings for these puppies…

Sweet – Lemon curd with a shot of whipped cream on the top (straight out of the can is fine)

Milk chocolate syrup with crushed, sugar toasted pecans on the top

Strawberries finely chopped that have been sitting for a bit with a little sugar on ’em (so they make their own juice) with a shot of whipped cream.

You can use apples, peaches – it’s up to you! 

Savory –

Make your standard chip dips – spinach and artichoke, mexican bean, taco-seasoned ground beef, cheeze whiz – it’s up to you – and put a dollop in the bottom of each pastry shell.  Top with shredded cheese, minced fresh broccoli, finely chopped red onion, finely chopped green onion or shallots or tiny, thinly sliced cherry or grape tomatoes.  It doesn’t too much matter what you use – just make sure to have at least three choices.

Arrange one tower with sweet and one tower with savory.

If you’re feeling particularly decorative and depending on the time of year, toss some fresh rosemary around to decorate, or daisies from the yard, it’s up to you.

Serve with iced tea (a pitcher of the standard sweet, a pitcher of the standard sweet with thinly sliced oranges in it, a pitcher of standard sweet with a touch of fresh mint and a pitcher of unsweetened, for the uninitiated) in the spring and summer.  Or an assortment of hot teas in the winter.

We’re done for the day!  Celebrating Soon-2-Bee married Honeys with Meant To Bee fun!

Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!


Footnote:  Other things to put in a Meant To Bee Wedding Welcome Bag for Out of town guests

Burt’s bee products

Bee soap

Bee candy