Update 9.2009 – Turners Corner is no longer open, and that makes me and a whole bunch of bikers very sad.  The last crew that had it were doing a beautiful job with this delightful place, but apparently the cold winter months and probably the stupid economy took their toll on this jewel.  If anyone hears of it opening again, please let me know at everydaycelebrations@gmail.com.  I’ll be grateful!

Ya’ll go right ahead and laugh like crazy at my lousy camera pics before you even start reading.  But listen, I’m just trying to share, and I don’t have a fancy camera.  Just my phone cam and a desire to bring you along for a lovely Sunday destination in the North Georgia Mountains.  So cut me some slack, please.

Thank you.  I knew you’d see it my way. 😉

It takes us about an hour from my house to get there.  If you’d like to look at their website, go right ahead and click this link

Yeh, I know – nice pic.  You’re going to have to depend on me for the rest, lucky duck!

Here’s the satellite view from Google Maps, and if it looks like it sits right on the corner of nowhere, you’re absolutely right!  It’s some of the most green, cool, mountainous, and mostly peaceful Nowhere Anywhere!

Oh, directions!  Plug in Turners Corner Lumpkin County Ga.  That’s it, right there on the corner.

It’s a Recycle Dream Come True.  A converted gasoline station from the early 1900’s, right on the Chestatee River, about where the river is still a clear and flowing stream – on the corner, across from the RV park.

Inside you’re greeted by a bear with directions.

(That’s a trout in his mouth, by the way.)

You’ll also be greeted by some very friendly and accommodating people and shown to your choice of tables – either inside in the air conditioning under the real bear (yes-there’s a bear story coming shortly).

Or you can sit outside beside the lovely Chestatee (and I know it looks muddy but remember, it’s my camera phone, outside, and the lighting was not good).

And even in the Dawg Days of August, it’s cool out there on the porch by the river – 10 degrees cooler than it was an hour back down the road.

Here comes the gush…..Eau De Food!  Turners Corner serves a lunch menu of delicious sandwiches, sides and salads – extremely good fare at extremely good prices.  I’d put it in the bistro category for quality.

This particular Sunday we arrived about 4:45, which meant we had to wait at our table for 15 minutes because they pause for an hour during the day (4-5) to change over the menu and tidy their teeny tiny amazing kitchen.  No problem, they served us our drinks and handed us our menus – so we sat and sipped and contemplated for a few by the river. Not bad at all!

Service started promptly at 5, and by that time, our little porch was shared with many.  The food came out quick and fresh.  My husband had the burger which was thick, juicy, charbroiled, hand-patted and extremely good.  It came with a salad, home made bleu cheese dressing, and country smashed potatoes that were fabulous (yes – I was plate-pickin again).  I had – Tah Dah – (of COURSE I made a pic)…

The Black and Bleu salad – crisp Romaine with a healthy splat of homemade guacamole, black olives, sliced boiled egg, sweet cherry tomatoes, bleu cheese dressing (home made), topped by a tender, extremely tasty, thinly sliced skirt steak.  I dont’ know what they do to bring out that incredible flavor.  If they’ll just tell me, I’ve got a kid or two to hand over in exchange.

We were never without beverages, pleasant smiling people who seemed to genuinely care checked on us frequently, and the fresh mountain ambiance sittin out by the river was the perfect icing on the cake.

And OH DE CAKE!  Homemade desserts are listed on a chalkboard on the wall.  Ignore everything you see there except for the Hummingbird Cake.  Trust me on this one.  The others are probably fabulous, but the Hummingbird Cake.  Let’s share a moment of reverent silence.

At dinner you can also get shrimp and grits, mountain trout, oh I won’t spoil it all for you.  But they also have fresh vegetable sides.  I’m not sure who the chef is but he must be a runaway from a five star restaurant.

So if you get the chance, drive through Dahlonega, follow the winding mountain roads through a constant umbrella of hardwood green, sunlight dappling through the leaves in a delicate and lacy patchwork, and find Turner’s Corner.  Vogel State Park is up the road.  The Appalachian Trail crosses your path at Walayasi/Neels Gap (stop and look out for miles and miles from the stone terrace).  Entrepreneurs sit along the widespots in the road peddling their boiled peanuts, pickles and relishes (and the occasional rebel flag – get ’em in bedspreads, t-shirts and beach towels!l).

And have a Cup of Coffee on me with your Hummingbird cake!

Two more things and I’m done…

1.  Bear Story – A Mr. Turner owned the gas station at one point.  Apparently on the corner of Nowhere, Lumpkin County, Ga, Nobody stopped for his gas.  So he got himself a Bear.  Trained the thing to dance and they used to sit together out front in rocking chairs waiving at passers-by.  If you stopped for gas, the dancin would commence.  Rumor had it the bear boosted sales quite a bit.  Clever man, that Mr. Turner.

2.  If you can tell me what the picture at the very top of this blog represents correctly, I’ll send you the coffee candle above as a prize.  I’ve got 20 of ’em – so the first 20 who get it right are winners!  Send your answers into my email box – everydaycelebrations@gmail.com.  No spam will come your way – promise!

Celebrating Beautiful Mountain Views and Turners Corner!  Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!