WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!   Jamie Lynn Spears and her baby-daddy Casey are giving Maddie Briann the best present EVER – a traditional Family!  A Mama AND a Daddy with 24-carat-purely-legal connections and all that good stuff!

So it’s a bit late in the traditional process.  Jamie Lynn has already made a ton of money being non-traditional – what with the good pay-outs for her OK Magazine sagas.  She did have herself a mighty fine Baby Shower early on, so that was kind of traditional.  And she’ll probably throw on a nice, white wedding dress for the big day – which is non-traditional in and of itself as the white dress is supposed to stand for purity and – gasp – virginity if you really want to think waaay back. 

So let’s add up the columns now and see where we are…..1 non-traditional early teenage pregnancy, 1 fairly traditional example of childhood stardom gone awry, 1 traditional baby shower, 1 non-traditional birth, 2 OK Magazine covers which are, hmm.  Now that I think about it – that’s kind of traditional – publicizing your family disfunctions for dollars.  Yep, Dysfunctions for Dollars.  New tradition.

So, OK, I’m confused again.  Which makes me a complete non-authority on the whole subject of Jamie Lynn Spears, Casey Aldridge (Mr. Baby Daddy) and Maddie Briann – aside from the fact that I do not know them personally.

One thing I do know is that I can sure help them celebrate their Wedding Day, Rehearsal Dinner, and any little Bridal Shower that comes their way with a whole mess of traditional and non-traditional Wedding Favors, Rehearsal Dinner Favors, and Bridal Shower Favors.

I’m just nice like that.

A few examples, but just a few as I don’t want to tip my hand.  This is going to be a ton ‘o’ fun watching this little Deep South hootenanny come together over the next few months!

Taking into consideration that they might just possibly follow tradition in the whole wedding party flow thing, here are my early suggestions for non-traditional favors…

For the Bridal Shower guests…

Cute, no?  And useful.  And poignant – as we know that Jamie Lynn, Casey and Maddie Briann were “Meant To Bee” – right?  Something you might not know – a lot of Honey-raisin’ is done down around their stompin’ grounds – so pair this with a jar of local honey and you have one sweet little bridal shower favor now, don’t cha?

For the Bridesmaids luncheon, where the Mamas (include Mama Jamie Lynn) and the Bride (who is also a Mama – Miss Jamie Lynn) and the Bridesmaids (who may or may not already be Mamas) and no doubt the Bride’s world-famous sister, Ms. Brittney Jean Spears, (all sprinkled with a smattering of camera crew from OK Magazine),  gather together and enjoy a bit of pre-wedding chatter, some traditional chicken salad with a fruit side, a tasty southern sweet (eau theaus Lemon Squares!) and tons of iced tea…

Head over Heels bottle stoppers!  Ain’t they cute?  And they work well for fine wines AND beer bottles (beer being a traditional alcoholic-type celebration beverage in the Deep South).

And finally, for the Wedding Dinner – a lovely confirmation that Miss Maddie Briann’s fondest baby wish has come true…..

We Tied the Knot!  This is actually a very nice and sophisticated heavy chrome bottle stopper, and a very good Wedding Favor for the tons ‘o’ neighbors and friends (and papparazi) that will witness the solemn vows.

So – today we’re celebrating a few short months ‘o fun watching the media buzz and glossip surrounding the build-up to the big day when Jamie Lynn Spears, Casey Aldridge and Maddie Briann Spears-Aldridge become one big happy family!

And remember to Celebrate Something Everyday – traditional, non-traditional, or an odd combination of both.