As promised, I told you I’d let you know if Mr. Rabbit succeeded in making an honest woman out of Ms. Kitty down on the farm in South Georgia.  Alas, he’s still courting her – they’re still seen everywhere together, and especially outside the back door at Cat Sloppin’ time.  But no rabbikins.   Not that he’s stopped trying.

Now there’s a completely different story for Lance and the lovely Kate.  Apparently things just didn’t work out and they’re no longer together.  From the variety of glossip I read while researching this extremely important literary piece I’m working on here, I believe it’s his fault.  She’s just so darned cute and entertaining and talented and has brought so much fun to everyone via her onscreen antics, I sincerely hope she’s taking it well.  Live it up, Miss Katie-girl!  You deserve it!  The good one will come along. 

And sure enough, I have just the favor for your Single Again party – try these…


Each file emotes a word that is sure to bring back fond remembrances of old Lance for quite a while to come!

Celebrating Bunny love, and Kate Hudson’s awesome talent today!

Remember, Celebrate Someting Everyday!