WOW!  Who knew there were so many folks interested in Favor Boxes and what to put inside Favor Boxes!  I started getting unsolicited advice from all kinds of places, so I thought I’d pass a few along.  Enjoy!

  • Favor Boxes aren’t just for weddings. 
  • Favor Boxes don’t have to just hold candy
  • Favor Boxes are appreciated in all kinds of places

Baby Showers!  Are these not just precious?  Don’t know if it’s going to be a boy or a girl?  Use the yellow ones.  Or mix and match – a few of each color!  Fill with pastel mints. 

Garden Club Parties!  I loved this idea!  Fill with heirloom seeds and add a little note with planting and growing instructions.  So clever!

Baptism and Communion receptions!  These special favor boxes come with a keepsake cross and imprinted satin ribbon.  Fill with a special sweet treat and tuck in a favorite scripture verse.


  Miniatures!  Go to the local craft store and you’ll be amazed at the thousands of miniatures you can find at very reasonable prices!  Tuck a tiny, realistic loaf of bread inside with your Grandmother’s Walnut Bread recipe.  A perfect, miniature plate of cookies and your favorite cookie recipe, a teeny set of golf clubs alongside a gift certificate for a round of goofy golf, hit up your local perfume counter and collect some tiny perfume samples (sometimes they come in really neat tiny bottles) and tuck them in these adorable Pink Plaid Purse Favor Boxes – you get the idea!  And check out this link – there are a million miniature links for all manner of things, it’s awesome!



Birthday parties! So they’re already LOADED up with cake and ice cream – so do their parents a favor and send the liddle kiddles home with a colorfully clever Birthday Party Hat Favor Box and fill it with stickers!  Buy lots of different stickers and take the time before the party to cut them up into individual pieces, then load in a variety of stickers for tons of imaginative play.

Dinner Parties!  Conversation starters!  Getting a group of old college friends together?  Find a miniature of your school mascot, pop it in a favor box, then add a slip of paper with a question about a common college experience.  Try – “Professor Gobel and the Wild Hog experiment” or “The Tail-Gate Caper – Ole Miss vs. TCU 1994” or “Our first attempt at making beer in the bathtub” and before you know it, everyone is laughing their way down memory lane!

Employees!  Here’s another great favor box idea – add a personalized tag “It’s Your Lucky Day!” and fold in a certificate for a two-hour lunch (add an hour to your lunch one day next week on us!) or a Go Home Early card (leave two hours early and beat the traffic).  What a great morale booster!

Co-workers!   It’s the middle of winter, the days are gray and a bit dreary.  Get to work early and pop one of these little Tropical Palm Tree Favor Boxes on everybody’s desk.  Fill with individually wrapped Tropical Fruit Life Savers (available at Target and your local grocery store) and leave a “Here’s to A Sunny Day” anonymous note!  Then sit back and watch the sunny smiles appear when your surprise thoughtfulness sinks in!

Whew!  Celebrating Ingenious Favor Box Ideas from some awfully sharp and thoughtful folks today.  Remember – Celebrate Something Everyday!  (and if you have a creative favor box idea, please leave a comment – we’d all love to hear yours!).