Disclaimer alert! (enumerated for brevity)

1.  We are so far out of Disney’s target demographic that I should be embarrassed to be writing this post

2.  Kudos to the PR folks who touted this movie – it got the “untargeted” into the theater.

3.  Go!  I don’t care if you’re targeted or not, just go.

Movie Summary

  1. Wall-e is a machine.
  2. Wall-e falls in love with a robot named Eve (pronounced EEEEve-aaaah in Wall-e speak)
  3. There is basically no dialog in the first 1/2 of this movie.  You won’t care.
  4. 5/6 of this pretty-full theater was populated by small kids.  Not a one made a peep during the movie.  That’s an amazing statement.
  5. Machines are smarter than people.  You proabably already knew that.
  6. We identified with the mechanical main characters just like they were real people, or just like we were real mechanical characters, I’m not sure.

The only reason I did not give this movie a 5 is that, well, Wall-e’s sidekick is a roach.  I’m Southern and have known many a combat-sized roach in my lifetime.  I would rather swallow my car without salt than empathize with a roach.  Yes, I get the underlying theory that when life as we know it comes to a cataclysmic and wretched end, and earth is no longer habitable, and there’s been like 10 nuclear bomb attacks, 8 years of drought, and 40 major earthquakes, all accented by every volcano in the world erupting at the very same time, that the lowly (and completely grisly) roach will triumph over all.  Last Creature Standing kinda thing.

Which is not completely true.  I won’t tell you how I know this as fact.  Suffice it to say my knowledge springs from two really creepy next-door-neighbors in college with a penchant for non-scientific experiments involving a microwave.

 So, if you are a parent with a liddle kiddle, or an adult with an appreciation for the superb art of animation and story-telling, go see Wall-e.  A complete suspension of disbelief and an hour and a half of pure enchantment is in store.

Quick Dinner Summary

This should be a “Dinner and a Movie” story, but the dinner came along by surprise as we’d gone to the 3 o’clock matinee on Saturday.  We just got a new Ted Turner’s Montana Grill which is enticingly located across from the theater.  On a lark, we went in around 5:30.  The place was packed with a hefty waiting line even at that early hour.  We quickly volunteered for the last tiny two-top on the sidewalk and were rewarded with excellent service, a wonderful menu, and a reasonable check.  I had an exquisite crab cake that was really, totally made up of huge chunks of crab meat – little filler, just enough for taste.  It was accompanied by a small serving of an unusual and delicious slaw, and a small smattering of a very fine homemade guacamole. Since it was officially listed as an appetizer, I ordered a side of garlic mashed potatoes.  Another reward!  They are real mashed potatoes – arriving in actual potato form at the restaurant and then cooked and peeled and mashed right there on site!  Sorry for the gush.  I am tired of “boxed mashed potatoes with lots of seasoning” on menus masquerading as the real thing.

My husband had the chicken breast plate, offered with a choice of two toppings (he chose bacon and bleu cheese), and two sides – he chose fries and (I’m still in shock) buttered broccoli.  Those durned fries were birthed in the same manner as the mashed potatoes and they were good!  So was the broccoli – not over cooked, not over seasoned, and fresh! (can you tell I’m a plate-picker?).

Celebrating Wall-e and Ted’s Montana Grill, two things well worth the time.  Remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!

And, oh – here’s a thought.  No doubt if there’s a sequel, Wall-e and Eeeev-aaaah may wed.  Here’s a wedding favor that’s just perfect!