We’ve been serious, serious Caribbean buffs for a long time now.  To me there’s nothing more satisfying than stretching out flat on beautifully clear turquoise water and closely following some random fish on his daily routine for hours and hours.  My children know how to shuck conch, spearfish underwater and can catch their own spiney lobsters for dinner.  This makes me comfortable as I know they can always fend for themselves.  Just find ’em a beach.  They’ll be fine.


An invitation

While wandering aimlessly through the islands, I’ve been privileged to watch a wide variety of wedding ceremonies – pre, post and during.  A good “pre” was on the island of St. Kitts, South Friars Beach (pictured above) in front of the Sunset Beach Cafe (pictured below). 


I know it doesn't look like it from here,

A group of late 20-somethings were downing the Carib at a pretty rapid clip, dog cussing the hotel where they were staying (the newly opened Marriott), and taking turns getting an aloe rub from the local Roaming Rasta. 

You’ve really gotta try one of those aloe rubs – bargain them down to 10 bucks and for that you get 30 minutes, lying in a beach chair in the sun, with someone rubbing a cooling, sticky plant extract on your back.  No, trust me, it’s wonderful!

Eventually the whole group became exceptionally drunk (note to the wise – watch the alcohol intake in the Caribbean Sun) and ended up having to hand over their car keys to the Roaming Rasta (which is something no one in their right mind would do) and negotiating with him to drive them back to the hotel for $20 bucks (chauffeur duties being more profitable than aloe rubs). 

I know they made it because that night we visited the Casino at the hotel.  Sure enough, right there at poolside was a ravishing bride, her handsome groom, and eight of the most greenish-tinted, red-and-glassy-eyeballed attendants you’ve ever seen.  They were all standing at something of an odd slant.  And they looked a little sticky – like maybe they’d forgotten to wash off that aloe.  I hope someone photoshopped the pictures.  Otherwise they’re not all still friends…

So if you’re thinking about getting married in the Caribbean, St. Kitts is good.  I’ll bore you with my lousy pictures in a minute – and probably drop in a travel tip or two.  But first, make sure you take along some favors for your guests!  These are perfect!

You know the drill.  Click the pics for the link if you like what you see!

So anyway – for those of you who are thinking about St. Kitts for a wedding, here are a few tips:

  • You’ll need a license and you have to follow their rules.  Click here to find out what they are.
  • Suggestion – look seriously at Rawlins Plantation as a perfect spot to tie the knot. 


                 A guesthouse                 Looking into               Looking out into one of the gardens                                

  • Another, more exotic and slightly more complicated location – but amazingly beautiful nonetheless is Brimstone Hill Fortress.  Duplicating the view from this place is impossible in my book.  Read more about it here (and get a clue from my truly amateur photos below).


                 Looking down                St. Eustatius                The limestone cliffs                Brimstone

  • While whiling (can you say that?) your time away on St. Kitts, be sure to:  visit the rainforest and the batik factory, take the ferry to Nevis for the day, enjoy the native buffet at Rawlins (make reservations in advance), and absolutely, positively spend a day on Turtle Beach.  I hope the pig is still there and whoa – here comes an important travel tip – if he is, don’t directly address him if you’re in the midst of lunch or dinner (highly recommend the Calypso Chicken Salad).  Because if you do, he will proceed to sit down with you and “snout” you to death until you share.  He’s not ugly about it.  He actually has some very nice pig manners.  But he is a pig, and he wants his way.  Avoid talking directly to him until you are done with your food and ready to share your leftovers.  He’s much better company then.


               Our Second Home               The Pier                Wilbur               My youngest


  • Monkeys are cute, monkeys are everywhere, and monkeys bite.  I know this from experience.  Consider yourself warned. (PS – watch for monkeys on the road, and don’t run them over).
  • Before you go – Google keywords <artist + st. kitts>.  Get the locations, and go visit.  There are some very, very good artists on St. Kitts – please plan to patronize their galleries and take something back home.   I guarantee you’ll enjoy it for years to come.

That about sums it up for my “St. Kitts for Weddings” 101 course.  I’m celebrating St. Kitts right this very minute and will probably go search airline fares immediately after I publish this post.  Jeez I love that island!   If anyone knows a cheap way to get there from Atlanta – send me a line (everydaycelebrations@gmail.com) and I’ll be forever grateful!  I’ll even bring you some of that FABULOUS fresh goat cheese from PJ’s.  Promise!

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