I know it’s July, I know it’s hot, but I also know that there are Brides and Mothers of Brides out there who are also contemplating Fall Weddings.  So while I’m out here blogging to make life a little brighter, one favor at a time – let’s talk about Fall Wedding Favors.  If nothing else, it will drop the temperature in my mind from the current hot and humid 95, to a nice, crisp, fall-flavored 76-ish.

And no, I can’t find a Celebrity who is planning a fall wedding to bump up my readership.  Shoot, I’m not so sure any of them are getting married anymore anyway.  I think they’re just out there well, reproducing at a rapid and high profile pace.  But then again, I don’t know any of them personally, so I could be wrong?  Somebody please correct me, please!

So back to Fall Wedding Favors.  The Way I Envision It – there are three good options here.  See if any of them set you into your own creative mode…

Option I


One sweetly scented giftwrapped box of “Fall in Love” Soaps at each place. Something useful, memorable, and creatively clever for your guests to remember your special day!



One simply special Maple Leaf Place card holder to guide everyone to their places

EQUALS the makings of a fond, fall wedding celebration.

Option II

 One Fall Leaf Tealight and Place Card holder at each place setting


 A colorful box of fall soap leaves at center plate

EQUALS gushing guests at the reception!

Option III

Grouping just enough Fall Memories photo albums and disposable cameras for everyone at the table in the center of the table

EQUALS a huge helping of “A Good

Time Was Had By All In The Fall, at our wedding”.

I could go on and on (which doesn’t surprise you at all, I’m sure), but you can make your own creative pairings if you just head on over to this link.  Never before has giving a perfect favor been so cleverly packaged and so reasonably priced!

Disclaimer:  This commercial was absolutely brought to you by my own enthusiasm for making life a little brighter, one favor at a time!  🙂

Remember – Celebrate Something Everyday!