I spent a couple of days in Birmingham, Alabama visiting good friends who used to live behind me in Montgomery.  We went our separate ways about 10 years ago, but they are just such good and neat people that we’ve stayed in touch and visit as much as is possible, which is not a lot what with jobs and kids and, well, life in general.

You know I had to take along a good hostess gift, and wine always works so nicely for that.  I took a lovely merlot and a nice chardonnay.  Tucked them in a basket with a few of these little favors and I wish I’d made a picture, but some days I’m just not that smart.

They had a complete FIT over the Richer or Pourer bottle topper.  A complete FIT!

Birmingham is a cool town with lots of neat little suburbs tucked into rolling hills.  There are lots of interesting things to do and, of course, my buddy and I simply had to hit the junk antique stores.  We share a completely psycho love of all things cast-off.  The junkier and more bizarre, the better.  We also enjoy taking the simpler, more pedestrian junk and finding bizarre uses for it.  We also appreciate, love and adore anyone else who does the same.  Now you know all my secrets.

Here’s a good example.  From Landfill to Lovely with the simple application of some soap and elbow grease, and the addition of a plant.

Great, no?  Hey, while I’m sharing photos, check out the view from her breakfast room – you can just stare for days and days and days…..

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little window on the weekend.  Life just gets a little sweeter when you share it with old friends.

OMG!  I almost forgot!  I subscribed to a magazine while I was there.  I’ve always been an avid reader of Conde Nast’s Vanity Fair, but I think Graydon Carter has run that magazine into the ground.  It used to be all about the interesting, the odd, and the unusual.  Now it’s all about the way he hates George Bush.  Plus, I don’t approve of the way he treated Dominic Dunne – one of the finest writers I’ve read in a long, long time.  He could write a story about something I cared absolutely nothing about but when I was done reading it (ALL of it), I cared.  He’s just that good.

Enough rambling – the magazine I want all of you to check out is (oh I so love this title) Garden and Gun.  It’s beautiful to look at, and beautiful to read.  No, I’m not a gun person at all – but do check out the website.  I’d like to see this magazine live a long, long time.

So you know the drill – Please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!