Wedding Morning started with a bang, seriously!  A quick thunderstorm complete with cloud to ground lightening woke us all up, but passed quickly, thank you jesus.

The official wedding time, according to the thoughtfully placed schedules that came in the welcome bags, was 6pm and the wedding party did not have to show up for pictures until 4, so that left the groom’s group plenty of time to enjoy the beach. 

Here’s a treat.  Some of the family was staying right down the beach and showed up at our umbrella with a sack full of fresh lychees.  This family lives in South Florida, and the home they just purchased is lined on either side with lychee trees (or bushes, I’m not sure which is proper).  Have you ever had a fresh lychee?  If not, find one.  What an awesome, fresh, natural and sweet fruit!  It has a harsh and kind of ugly skin, but once you get past that, killer!  We need more lychees in this world.


I promised the Bride and Groom that I would keep the particulars of their ceremony private, but let me just say this:  The absence of pomp and circumstance and the full participation of friends and family made this wedding ceremony magnificent in it’s simplicity. 

The setting was eau seau Old South – the gardens at Eden State Park.  Now if you’re ever in the area, go there – get out of the sun at the hottest part of the day and off the beach and just go see these beautiful old oaks and Spanish moss, right by the water, off a little dirt road.  It’s not hard to find, and I’m thoughtfully linking you to the official site here.  You’re welcome.


Around 200 guests gathered for the ceremony in the garden.  The bride and groom exchanged their vows under a lovely but simple trellis, verdantly swathed (like that?)  with fresh magnolia leaves and blossoms.  Here’s a shot of the site from that morning…..


The Bride was a vision in a simple, long white dress with veil.  The bridesmaids wore short, olivine satin dresses, and the groomsmen looked like something out of The Great Gatsby in their white linen blazers and pants.  The Moms and Grandmoms wore formal gowns (simply because there is all of that photography for posterity), but the rest of us were quite comfortable in our dressier linen sheaths and sundresses.  It was so quiet and peaceful and beautiful, looking out over the Bride and Groom, over the reflecting pool toward that grand old house.  It was truly a moment back in time.

The reception was held off to the side under a big tent – exquisite hors douvres, champagne and a mojito bar! 


And you know me – I had to throw a favor into the mix – are you a member of the groom’s party or the bride’s? 

These little swizzle sticks are so cute and clever and detailed!  Just like the after rehearsal favors, not a single one was left on the premises after the party.

Under a shower of grass seed, the happy couple left for the honeymoon in a popular central American country.  The guests, all mojitoed and merry, filtered off in the moonlight back to their various beach residences.  And the newly united parents and their respective in-laws and out-laws, settled in with the leftovers, to chat and reminisce until the early morning.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my reports from the wedding.  I know I had an amazingly fun time and so I’ll take this opportunity to remind you all to remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!