There must be an easier way to get from Point A, Georgia to Point B, Florida.  My youngest and I covered 355 miles on the trip down and only the first 115 included an Interstate.  The rest were back roads, sometimes four lane, lots of times two lane.  There were long lapses of two-lane time where we didn’t even see a cow, a buzzard, or another human being!  Not even a good road kill!

To give you some idea, the navigation system in my car, which provides a slight degree of entertainment on tedious road trips, had to think long and hard when asked to provide the nearest restaurant, gas station or recreation area in these backwoods.  Seriously!  There were 3 minute waits in what is normally 10 second response time!  So now I’m an Impatient Road Geek, according to my teen-aged daughter.

One bright spot – Eufaula, Alabama.  There’s a strip of street if you’re just passing straight through – with the most amazing homes lining either side of a road framed by magnificent, century-old oaks and just the right touch of Spanish Moss to make the whole thing movie-star perfect.  There’s not much to Eufaula, save the huge recreational lake and a couple of traffic lights, but this strip of street – oh you’ll be back in time by 100 years and more without the slightest hint of kitsch.  Not a touch! If you’re ever in the vicinity, go.

And since I’ve qualified myself as a Road Trip Expert, here’s another engaging past-time – Hysterical Markers.  Mostly posted in absolutely desolate areas with nary a power line or hint of human existence around, Hysterical Markers mark the spot, or some estimation of The Spot, where something Hysterical Happened. 


While preparing this post I ran across a website I wish I’d known about before undertaking this journey, which I now call “destination Destination Wedding”.  Check out this link – there’s actually a website that will guide you through a fabulous Hysterical Marker pilgrimage!  No more happening up on a green warning marker (Hysterical Marker – 1000 feet) and then counting the inches so you won’t miss it – this website has it all planned out for you.  Check it out and be sure to troll through the drop down menus at the top of the page!  Happy Hoochie Poochie Everybody! 

And about Boiled Peanuts.  We saw signs for “Award Winning Boiled Peanuts”, for “Hot, Fresh, Green Boiled Peanuts” (honest, but not taste-inspiring), and for “Jesus Loves You Peanuts”.  The latter, I’m guessing, will boost you one rung closer to St. Peter than the less sanctimonious Common Boiled Peanut.

Oh!  If you are reading this within a reasonable period of time after it posts, you have time to hop in your car and head out to the National Peanut Festival in Dothan, Alabama.  Those folks are getting ready for the onslaught of international visitors similar in scope, I’m sure, to what Beijing is expecting for the Olympics.  Every successful business along the highway has a large, smiling Plastic Peanut (or Goober, in the local terminology) carefully crafted to not only resemble the treasured commodity, but also to carefully echo the type of business in front of which it stands.  The La Mexicana Restaurant peanut was holding a taco, the Cell Phone Store peanut had a cell phone for an ear (or was holding one up to its ear, I’m not quite sure), and the First Baptist Church peanut had – you guessed it – wings.

So today we celebrated the Back country byway which hosted the first leg of our “Destination Destination Wedding” tour.  Let me remind you to Celebrate Something Everyday, and tune in for the next post – “Destination Destination Wedding – Seaside Is Not Seagrove”.