Oh my.  You’ve just got to love Central Florida!  Or at least the Central Florida of Yore from my childhood. 

My father is from Center Hill, which I believe these days is known as “the last wide spot in the road”.  It’s close to Bushnell, which helps some  people understand the geographic location (not many, but some).

I fondly remember those days when we were breezing down A1A, two parents in the front and three kids in the back – each child tactically located in the center of imaginary lines drawn off at the beginning of the trip and code-named “My Spot”, heading off to visit some relative with a pig farm and an orange orchard.  I regret to this day not ever seeing the “World’s Largest Gator” at any of the 100 or so reptile farms that lined the road (man that gator must’ve been busy!)

 I’m still a bit ticked that Mama refused to buy me one of those simply elegant white chenille robes with the peacock adorning the back.  The multi-colored majesty of that bird’s tail sweeping down the garment and gently brushing the floor might possibly have changed the entire trajectory of my whole life.  Seriously!  And I’ve yet to taste Maypop Jelly. 

I do, however, have a Stuckey’s Snow Globe of an orange orchard.  Still have it to this day!  My children call it Mama’s Key To The Funny Farm.  “Yes, thank you.  We would like for her to stay the maximum allowable time under her insurance policy and oh – do they allow Snow Globes in those padded cells?  She’s so attached to this one…..”

Go ahead and admit it – you’ve had more than one Peecan Log Roll in your life now, haven’t you?

Fond Memories Aside, we are here today to celebrate an idiot. Someone told me about this yesterday and I really didn’t believe it, but thanks to the kind resources provided by Google, here it is, compliments of Local6.com…..

Palm Frond Used As Weapon In ‘Most Bizarre’ Central Fla. Store Robbery

 Actually, the headline leaves out part of the story.  He was also wielding a dangerous pair of flip flops as well.  Talk about scary!

A local brave hero chased the bandit out of the store with a bar stool. 

So here we have all the elements of a fine, Central Florida crime – palm fronds, flip flops and a bar stool.  Here’s your prize, Mr. Gelando Olivieri, for being just about the dumbest bandit ever…..


(These fronds are NOT dangerous – just cute)

And for the brave citizen with the bar stool, have a Thank You Martini on me….

For those of you who share my need for more information on Mr. Olivieri, go here:  http://www.local6.com/news/16654677/detail.html

For more Central Florida cultural-type information, go here:

http://www.local6.com/news/15909869/detail.html (who knew palm fronds were so handy?)

 http://www.lostparks.com/ (I love this site)

And please remember to Celebrate Something Everyday!